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Our History

EUROAVIA is the  European Association of Aerospace Students. It is established in 1959 and up to now counts more than 40 Affiliated Societies, in 20 countries of Europe for a total of more than 2000 members. It’s a volunteering, non-profit organization that consists only of students interested in aerospace engineering and generally the field of mechanical engineering.

EUROAVIA ATHENS is the Affiliated Society that is based in Athens and was founded in 2006. It is supported by the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) and most of its members are students from the School of Mechanical Engineering. Nevertheless, taking into account the wide variety of EUROAVIA’s activities, student with different academic background, who are interested in aerospace, are also welcome to join.

EUROAVIA Athens participated in the international competition “Air Cargo Challenge” in 2017  and took the 14th position amongst 28 participants.

Our office is in the building of Aerodynamics of the Mechanical Engineering school and at the parking beneath the central square of N.T.U.A..


Our Activities

EUROAVIA Athens contributes to the development and promotion of the field of Aerospace Engineering in Greece.
This is accomplished through various activities like:

  • The construction of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with a wingspan of 4.5 meters according to the regulations of Air Cargo Challenge.
  • The organization of visits and guided tours to the facilities of companies that operate in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautics Engineering.
  • The organization of international events and symposiums with the participation of members of EUROAVIA from all over Europe.
  • The presence of the association in international symposiums and events in order to interact and communicate with members of other Affiliated Societies of EUROAVIA and learn more about the aerospace industry in Europe.
  • The participation in local scientific events in which we inform the general public about our organization and its activities.


Our Goals

The primary goal of our association is the connection of our members with the aerospace industry. We manage to achieve this goal by organizing visits to companies that are relevant to the field and lectures by professionals. Moreover, we aim to successfully take part in local and European competitions and acquire knowledge and experience. We, also, participate in science festivals and International Events in order to inform the general public and members of other Affiliated Societies about our activities in Greece and promote N.T.U.A. and our country.

Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) is an international aeronautics competition, which takes place every two years.he teams that participate have to design, study and manufacture a UAV, according to the regulations of the competition, that carries the maximum possible weight while flying according a certain route. [Learn More]

EUROAVIA Athens is an Affiliated Society of EUROAVIA, the European Association of aerospace students. As a result, one of the basic aspects of our activities is to show the international character of the team and to connect with the other Affiliated Societies around the world. For this academic year, 2018-2019, we decided to organize our own International Event. It will be a Symposium on “Satellites” and it will take place in Athens, on the third week of April 2019. [Learn More]

One of the primary targets of EUROAVIA Athens is to connect its members with the aerospace and aeronautics industry. In order to achieve this goal, we organize visits to companies that are related to the previously mentioned fields or the mechanical engineering field in general. [Learn More]

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